Missouri S&T Solar Car Team

This is the official homepage of the Missouri S&T Solar Car Team. Our goal is to design, build, and race solar electric vehicles. 🌞

We are a student run organization that promotes multidisciplinary work between engineering and non-engineering related fields to give students design experience, and competition experience.

Through collaborative work between our student members and four faculty advisors, we aim to combine new technologies and engineering principles into a vehicle that is efficient and reliable that we can use to participate and National, and World competitions.

Looking to the Future

With a new build cycle and new team members, our main focus this year will be to design a new vehicle that will be competitive in future events.

We face a new challenge of designing a new car that is completely different from its predecessors and creating a legacy for years to come for new members of the team.

Our Structure

The team is comprised into four sub teams that are specialized in order for the team to operate smoothly; including the Mechanical, Electrical, Race Logistics, and Business sub teams.

We Need Your Support

Without the support of our sponsors and the Student Design Center, we would not be able to move forward as a team and create a new vehicle that would provide our team members with the experience they need for the future.

Thank you!
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