Missouri S&T Solar Car Team

Friends, teammates, Solar Miners. These are all words that come to mind thinking about this team and those who have helped us.

We’re all Solar Miners – tied together by two national championships, nearly twenty-five years of team history, and too many memories to count. You’re all a part of that history. We appreciate the support we receive from each and every one of you.

When we arrived at the American Solar Challenge 2016 we had an untested car, a rookie team, and very little plan as to where we were headed or what the American Solar Challenge had in store for us. Sitting here now, having finished 4th in our first American Solar Challenge in six years, our team has never been so excited.

We have become an incredibly tight-knit group of people, all striving to build one of the best solar racing teams in the country, and become the best engineers, graphic designers, deal-makers, and leaders that we can be.

The American Solar Challenge is over, but that doesn’t mean we’re finished. Now, we go back to Rolla and work on building better cars, better engineers, and a better Missouri S&T Solar Car Team.

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