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A Solar Car is an electric vehicle exclusively powered by the sun. It combines technologies from aerospace, mechanical, electrical and materials engineering. Since the power available from the sun (considering the low efficiency of solar cells) is relatively small, these cars are designed to be extremely energy efficient, starting from the overall shape.

Our solar cars consist of two parts: the frame and the body.

The frame envelopes the driver and has the task of structurally holding together the car and protecting the driver and the electronics. Our frames are built from steel tubing designed to resist to accelerations of at least 2G, and to protect the driver from impacts from any direction, including rollovers.

The body has the task to make the car more aerodynamic, but most importantly it has to hold the solar array. Our bodies are built by encasing blue foam sheets in layers of carbon fiber and Kevlar, resulting in a strong yet lightweight structure. The body envelopes the entire frame, including the wheels.

Contrary to popular belief, our solar car is street legal, being classified as an "experimental motorcycle." It even has its own license plate. Forget about borrowing it to take your girlfriend to the movies, however. It only has one (very small) seat! Let’s not forget about the lack of air conditioning, either.

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