For our previous car (Solar Miner) I rewrote and redesigned the telemetry software that was used in support vehicles for viewing data coming from the car. It worked well, and gave us all the information we needed at the time, but it suffered in some areas. One of these was that data was never stored anywhere except a plain-text log file, which proved slow and unreliable. With this in mind, our new telemetry system will store information in a database for further review.

This post is a discussion of data gathered during week long tests performed on two popular database systems.

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It is a sad day for the Missouri S&T Solar Car Team as we hand off Solar Miner VIII to Anderson University. After many years, Solar Miner VIII has proved herself trusty and reliable, many of our team members have story-worthy memories of this car, so it is not easy saying goodbye.
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Today, Solar Miner returned from vinyl wrapping. We want to thank all of our sponsors who helped make this car a reality! Stay tuned for more photos over the coming weeks as we prepare for the 2016 American Solar Challenge!
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