About Our Team

The Missouri S&T team was established in 1993 and has raced around the country since then. Our team consists of students in multiple engineering and non-engineering disciplines and advisors with invaluable knowledge and experience. All members contribute to our final project in their own way by designing a new model of the car or assembling the battery box.



We're happy you found your way here and that you're interested in us our Team!

We accept any and all majors, ranging from Engineering based degrees all the way to business-focused degrees. If you have a passion for car, renewable energy, programming, design, business, or just technology in general, we encourage you to join our team.

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The 2020 Officer Core

Miranda SauerPresident
Jared CaldwellSecretary/Treasurer
Caleb KretzingerrLogistics Manager
Kaitlyn AshwellPublic Relations
Chris BaxChief Engineer
Matthew FromanMechanical Lead
Charles MaddiElectrical Lead


The mechanical sub-team is responsible for designing and building the mechanical components of the car. They craft everything from the car's aerodynamic profile to the pieces of its suspension. The mechanical team also leads in conducting composite lay-ups. In the near future, they will begin designing a new car to use in future races.


The electrical sub-team designs and constructs the electrical systems on the car. This includes control systems, power systems, and any wiring in the car. The electrical team is currently improving our Maximum Power Point Trackers and Battery Management System as well as the driver display and controls.


The business team is responsible for fundraising, outreach, and the team brand. Team members work together to reach out to companies, schedule appearances at outreach events, and draft team publications. The business team is responsible for the team's social media pages and website, and also works closely with the Logistics team.


Along with designing and building solar vehicles, the Solar Car Team races on both national and world stages. In order to accomplish this, we assembled the Logistics Team which manages the transit of team members, equipment, and solar cars to and from races. In addition, they also manage housing and food for the team when at races and strategy during races.



Letha YoungAdvisor
Medhi FerdowsiAdvisor
David HoffmanAdvisor


Data Collection and Analysis Techniques for Solar Car Telemetry Data (2019)

Telemetry System Architecture for a Solar Car (2015)

Performance monitoring in UMR's solar car (2000)


April 2019

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