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Michael Rouse
Computer Science major working with telemetry software and website development. Team member since Fall 2015.

Whether you are a current member on a solar car team, an alumni of a team, or just interested in solar car racing, you've probably heard some details about the upcoming 2018 American Solar Challenge race route.

The race will begin in Omaha, Nebraska and finish ~1,780 miles (2,864 meters) later in Bend, Oregon, somewhat following the Oregon Trail.
The route was chosen by ASC officials in-part due to the drier climate that these western states provide, since most of the 2016 American Solar Challenge was troubled with rain and clouds.

This route will take us through some stunning scenery, but will not be an easy race.
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Recently, our team stumbled upon a hidden gem inside our archive. The documentary, filmed by KY3 News (Springfield, MO), begins with the 1999 Sunrayce (Washington, D.C. -> Orlando, FL) and then details our first trip to the World Solar Challenge, the team placed 1st and 3rd in our class (22nd overall) respectively.

Watching the documentary is a great look at just how much solar racing has changed in under two decades. We hope you enjoy it!

It is a sad day for the Missouri S&T Solar Car Team as we hand off Solar Miner VIII to Anderson University. After many years, Solar Miner VIII has proved herself trusty and reliable, many of our team members have story-worthy memories of this car, so it is not easy saying goodbye.
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Today, Solar Miner returned from vinyl wrapping. We want to thank all of our sponsors who helped make this car a reality! Stay tuned for more photos over the coming weeks as we prepare for the 2016 American Solar Challenge!
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